Romford Accountant – How To Find Out If Your Accountant Is Qualified to Handle Your Account

Accountants in Romford

Most of us do not exactly know where to start when looking for a Romford accountant. We all figure that all we need is to go to the phone book, make a phone call and set up an appointment. Sometimes it is that easy, however you should make sure that your accountant knows what he or she is doing before you get started.

Romford Accountants – Is Your Accountant Qualified

Ask the accountant if you can view their documentation. This documentation should include degrees, certificates and anything that shows they are in compliance with the state. Many accountants hang their information on their office walls, if your does not he should provide it so you know that he is legit.


Get a background check done by the state that you live in.You can have a background check done for a relatively low cost and it will usually give you peace of mind that your accountant is legit. If he has any criminal offenses or looks fishy in any way – do not hire him. Move on to the next accountant on your list.

Accountant Romford – Check Online

Check their online reviews. Many professionals have reviews on places like Angie’s List or online review websites. If there is a long list of reviews that show approval of the accountant’s work then you know you are good to go. If there are complaints then you should stay clear.

Once you know that your accountant is legit you will have amuch more comfortable relationship with him. It will allow you to trust your accountant completely to get the work done. It also allows you the secure feeling of knowing that your accountant will keep your information confidential.


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Accountants in Romford provide a wide range of accountancy services for a variety of businesses. When I'm not working to keep your hard-earned money out of the hands of the tax man you'll find me riding my Harley somewhere out in the Essex countryside.
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